Dribble bibs for babies!

Some babies drool a lot. So much, that their clothes are always wet. Some babies begin drooling even at the age of two months.  Usually drooling starts when the baby gets his/her first milk teeths.

NILA Baby Dribble bib is handmade in Finland. The Dribble bib's backside is waterproof, breathable PUL- material. The front side is beautiful, colourful cotton tricot material. It is the same fabric material than used in babies clothes! NILA Baby Dribble bibs can be used in the everyday life and in the partys.

NILA Baby Dribble Bib fits well in a baby's neck. The Dribble bib is a velcro closure with flexibility. NILA Baby dribble bib is a multi-use, protect the baby's clothes for example when bottle feeding the baby.

NILA Baby Dribble bibs are great gift idea for babies. The baby get a gift, that she/he need really. You can order the gift directly to the gift recipient. NILA Baby sends the Dribble bib wrapped with greetings/gongratulations.

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